JULIET HAS A GUN is emotional and intensive acoustic pop music. It musically entwines fierceness and smoothness, while telling stories about the colors of love and the winding pathways of life. The band was founded by Helena Kukolja and Robin Junker in the year 2019.

Helena Kukolja is a german-croatian singer, pianist, guitarist, and songwriter. She started her music career in 1997. Since then, she wrote and recorded numerous emotional acoustic songs, which are mainly arranged for acoustic guitar and piano. She also performed in small and and intimate contexts. With JULIET HAS A GUN, Helena is primarily concerned with vocals, piano, and acoustic guitar.

Robin Junker is a German guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Since 2000, He played in various band ranging from progressive rock to acoustic music. He played live at countless concerts, festivals and small occasions. His own music is mainly characterized by melancholy and emotional depth. Playing with JULIET HAS A GUN he is mainly concerned with acoustic guitar and vocals.